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Is Life Insurance the Perfect Gift for the Holidays?

Give your loved ones a truly meaningful gift this year.

This holiday season, there are probably a lot of people you need to buy for.  However, for the special people in your life, consider ditching the long lines at the mall and getting them the gift of life insurance.  While life insurance isn’t the right gift for everyone, here are some of the people who might like to see a life insurance policy under the tree this year.

Your Spouse

A non-working spouse should be at the top of the list this holiday season.  While many families only take out a life insurance policy to help protect the breadwinner of the family, studies have shown that the death of a stay-at home also have a huge financial impact on the family.  This year, make sure that your family is thoroughly better protected by giving your spouse the life insurance policy they need.

Your Children or Grandchildren

While many don’t really think about it, your kids and grandkids could also benefit from having life insurance coverage.  A juvenile life insurance policy can be purchased for a child by a parent of grandparent.  Generally, juvenile life insurance policies are whole life policies that gain value the longer the child has the policy.  At the time of purchase, you will be the policy holder until the child turns 21.  At this point, they can decide to keep the policy or redeem its current cash value.  This is an excellent gift to give because of the value it will hold in the future.


If you don’t already have a life insurance policy, now is a great time to get one for yourself.  While it may seem strange to be buying yourself a present during the holidays, remember that life insurance is more for your loved ones than it is for you.  By assigning your spouse and children as your beneficiaries, you can provide your loved ones with the financial security they will need in an uncertain future.  Even if you already have a life insurance policy, now is a great time to review it and make sure you have the updated coverage your loved ones need.

This holiday season, give the gift of life insurance to your loved ones.  If you are looking for the right life insurance policies to fit your family’s needs, then contact the agents at Unisource Insurance Associates.  Serving Milwaukee and the neighboring cities of Wisconsin, our dedicated team is ready to get you the coverage you need today.