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A Guide for Setting Up Your First Home Office

By June 25, 2020July 20th, 2020Insurance
a home office

If you’re working from home, setting up the right space to work can make all the difference. It’s where you’re going to be spending a large part of your working day, so you want to make sure you’re going to be productive and undistracted. However, what works for some people may not work for you.


Gather your equipment. If you thrive in a more traditional workspace, consider investing in a proper desk and an adjustable chair. This will be the heart of your home office, and where you’ll be spending most of your time, so you want to be sure you’re comfortable.


Find the right spot. While you may be comfortable on the couch, it’s not always the most productive place to work because you associate it with relaxation. Instead, find a spot where you won’t be disturbed and feel motivated enough to be productive.


Consider lighting. Natural light is often touted as a way to improve productivity and concentration. If you tend to work later on in the day or you can’t set up your home office by a window, consider getting a daylight lamp. If that isn’t for you, make sure you adjust your lighting at home so it isn’t so dark as to make you drowsy, but also not so bright that it causes eye strain.


Keep it separate. When you’re working from home, it’s easy to work into the night and answer emails at any time of the day. However, maintaining a work and home life balance is important. Dedicate certain times of the day for working and others for taking a break and relaxing.


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