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Are Your Valuables Covered?

Basic homeowners insurance covers your home structure, furnishings, appliances and personal belongings against damage, theft or loss. However, a basic policy may not cover the replacement of valuable possessions in the event of complete loss.

By acquiring valuable items insurance, you can ensure your treasured possessions are fully better protected from any eventuality. You can acquire this extra coverage for such items as expensive jewelry, heirlooms, costly musical instruments, furs, collectibles and more.

Valuable items insurance can be obtained in the form of a floater policy in which your products are appraised and insured for their actual value or in the form of raising the limits on your current homeowner’s policy to get the extra coverage you desire. By discussing your options with your insurer, you can obtain the personalized coverage you need.

With valuable items insurance, you can stop worrying about the safety and coverage of those items you value most. You may not be able to stop damage or theft from occurring, but you can help protect your possessions to get financial remuneration for your loss.

To learn more about valuable homeowner’s insurance in Wisconsin, contact Unisource Insurance Association located in Wauwatosa, WI.