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Construction, Landscaping, and Roofing Insurance…Oh My!

For certain industries, summer time is the busiest season! Construction, landscaping and roofing companies typically see an increase in business over the summer months. Don’t increase the stress by dealing with legal battles, and make sure you are insured! Here are some forms of insurance that can benefit business owners in the construction, landscaping, or roofing businesses:

  • Worker’s Compensation is required by law, and helps protect your employees in the case of an accident that occurs on the job. These jobs are high-risk, so this coverage is very important.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance can benefit your business if you utilize vehicles as a part of your enterprise.
  • Commercial inland marine policy will cover your equipment or tools as they travel from job site to job site. You can purchase this coverage on schedule basis, which will require you to list what items you would like to insure at certain times. If you would like coverage all the time, you can look into a blanket policy.

If you have any questions concerning insurance for your business, please contact Unisource Insurance Associates, located in Wauwatosa! Our experienced insurance agents are thrilled to assist you, today!