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Drones, Hoverboards, UAVs: Taking Flight with Liability Issues

By February 4, 2016April 20th, 2023Uncategorized

Drones, hoverboards, and drivable electric vehicles were hot toys for Christmas – but be aware of insurance issues.

Hoverboards and drones are the latest ‘in’ technology – but are causing safety concerns! If you or your child received one of these over the holidays, while they may be excited for fun technology, these devices have been known to cause injuries, lawsuits, and unwelcome surprises since their release.

Before purchasing this big-ticket item, consider your insurance coverage. Homeowners and renters insurance policies may not provide coverage for injuries or damage to property of others while using your new high-tech toy! In addition, many homeowners insurance policies do not cover “motor vehicles” at all in their policies, while those that do, only provide coverage while they are being operated on your premises. Since both hoverboard and electric vehicles are powered by electric motors, they typically fall under the definition of “motor vehicles”.


With the rise of the purchases of hoverboards over the holidays, the number of accidents have increased dramatically. These devices are landing kids and their parents in emergency rooms from falling injuries, crashes, and damages from the device bursting into flames! It’s not just falling that has been an issue. Augusta, Georgia issued a warning in December about potential fire dangers from the device, after several in the area caught fire.


Drones are able to record live video and travel many distances. This has raised privacy concerns. For those who do not wish to be recorded, this is huge invasion of privacy. In addition, many drones have malfunctioned, crashing into people’s property or injuring people as they fall.

For those in possession of such devices, be sure to help protect yourself in the event of an accident or liability lawsuit! Contact Unisource Insurance Associates in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin for all of your insurance needs.