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Are You Helping Employees Manage COVID-19 Stress?

By December 23, 2020Employee Benefits
Employee stress management

Rising levels of employee stress have been felt across all organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Every manager should be aware of how stress reduces productivity and can lead to an unhealthy and unproductive staff. The following are effective strategies employers can implement to manage employee stress during the pandemic.

Educate Employees About Stress

Company meetings can be a useful way to unify a team, but they can also cause stress. It’s important to only conduct meetings when there is something meaningful to share. However, when meetings must occur, addressing this topic during the meeting is an important way to reduce the stress that work and meetings cause so many workers. Making a special presentation on how to deal with stress on the job will help employees understand that there is a process they can use to resolve problems and reduce stress. It’s possible for workers to overcome work stress simply by realizing they get more mileage out of focusing on a solution rather than the problem.

Seek Employee Assistance Programs

An employee assistance program (EAP) consists of volunteers who offer employee evaluations related to work-related problems. An EAP counselor can help address an individual’s mental or emotional problems that affect work productivity. Workers can also turn to EAPs if they are victims of violence or trauma in the workplace.

Promote a Healthy and Upbeat Workplace

Another way to reduce stress in the workplace is to promote healthy practices and an atmosphere of positive energy. The company should follow all OSHA workplace safety regulations and CDC COVID-19 guidelines. Safety guidelines need to be understood by all workers. Allowing workers to walk around periodically helps raise their energy level, while letting them participate in important discussions creates a deeper attachment to the job.

Employers at dangerous jobs should encourage employees to get the proper amount of sleep so that they are focused while performing dangerous tasks or operating heavy equipment. Studies have shown that people who don’t get enough sleep can get into serious accidents on the job from not being alert.

An unsafe worksite can take a toll on the health of staff members, which can add strain to the budget and irreparably damage the company’s reputation. Workplace hazards, including exposure to COVID-19, can lead to people taking an increased amount of sick days. In the case of the current pandemic, one employee infected could result in dozens more required to quarantine for multiple days.

Maintaining a cordial atmosphere is one of the most important keys to a successful business. People who enjoy their work tend to put more effort and care into it than those who dislike their jobs. Employees who dislike their job may become careless, cause an accident, or spread rumors that damage the company’s reputation.
The healthiest work environments are those in which employees feel safe, appreciated, and energized and enjoy being part of the team. Creating a team spirit in which each member is acknowledged and rewarded for their contribution is a powerful step toward success. Reducing turnover and maintaining a consistent workforce helps reduce company costs in the long term.

Learning about employee stress management can lead to a more productive workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact the professionals at Unisource Insurance Associates, serving Milwaukee, Wisconsin and its neighboring cities. We provide you with the optimal insurance coverage and take the time to clearly explain your policy.