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Get Organized This Month with These Tips

Tidy Up Your Home with These Tips

After the festivities of last year, it’s only natural to want to get organized for the new year ahead. As 2018 commences, take advantage of Get Organized Month this January by practicing a few home improvement tips. These smart steps can help you to decrease the clutter in your home, maintain your space, and save you time in the long run!

Craft a Plan

Before you get started on cleaning your home, it helps to sit down and determine how to go about organizing. Create a list of the areas of where you want to spend the most time, for example, in the cupboard under the stairs or in the spare room. This plan will help to keep your tasks more manageable.

Sort Everything into Three Piles

As you go through your home, put items into one of three piles: items you want to throw away, items that need repairing, and items you want to keep. This will help you to eliminate clutter and unused items.

Tackle Little by Little

Organizing your whole house in one day is a big job. Instead, start with a room, a part of a room or even a drawer so that the job stays manageable and you stay on track.

Clean Regularly

Cleanliness and organization go hand in hand. Ensure that you keep up with the daily household chores and give your home a thorough cleaning often. Not only does this help to maintain your property, but it forces you to tackle clutter that has accumulated.

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