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Landscaping Tips For Spring

Get Your Yard Ready For The Warmer Seasons

As the weather warms and the cold thaws, you are likely getting excited about enjoying some more time outdoors. The issue arises, though, that your landscaping might look a little lackluster after the harsh winter we just had. Here are a few tips for sprucing up your yard this spring.

  • Welcome With Color: Bring life to the front of your house so you and your guests can feel energized when entering by planting colorful flowers in your entryway and in planters by your front door. This will help liven up your curb appeal, giving your whole home an energy lift this spring.
  • Go Higher: If your yard is looking boring, add some height to add visual interest. With hanging baskets and elevated planters, you can bring variety into your yard to make it look its best.
  • Show Off Shrubs: Shrubs might initially seem like an uninteresting filler for your yard, but there are some varieties that bloom, bringing a fresh look to your yard in certain seasons.
  • Stagger Your Blooms: You definitely want to add in some color this spring, but that does not mean you have to leave your yard looking ho-hum the rest of the year. Plant your yard with flowers that bloom and fruits and vegetables that grow at different times of year so that you can add some extra vibrancy to your landscaping year-round.

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