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If You Ride, You Need Motorcycle Insurance

There are a number of risks you take whenever you hop on your motorcycle. You risk the financial responsibility of injury to yourself or others, the dollar amount of the bike, and any bells and whistles you may have added to it. These are all huge risks, and excellent reasons for why you should make sure to purchase a motorcycle insurance policy! There are a few other policies you may want to look into beyond normal coverage:

  • Roadside Assistance. This coverage offers financial coverage against towing, minor roadside repairs, and expenses associated with running out of gas. This coverage is especially useful for those who enjoy long, cross-country motorcycle rides.
  • Rental Coverage. This policy will assist you in paying for a rental bike if your bike is damaged in an accident.
  • Trailer Coverage. This insurance will pay for trailers that you may need when hauling your bike.
  • Trip Interruption. This coverage will pay for the finances associated with a break down that occurs in the middle of a trip.

There is a great deal to learn about motorcycle insurance, and how it can benefit you. Be sure to speak with your insurance agent, and encourage them to help you find any discounts that may lessen the financial burden of insuring your bike. If you have any insurance inquiries, be sure to contact Unisource Insurance Associates, located in Wauwatosa!