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Learn How Spring Cleaning Can Make Your Hone Safer

Find out how a little spring cleaning can help you avoid having to file common home insurance claims.

Spring is officially here!  If you are like many other homeowners, then the beginning of spring means it’s time to do some spring cleaning and maintenance tasks around your home.  While spring cleaning certainly makes your home look nicer, did you know that it can actually make your home safer as well?  Here are some of the cleaning and maintenance tasks that can help you avoid having to file homeowners insurance claims.

Clean Your Dryer

Over time, lint can build up in the vents and tubing of your home’s dryer.  This lint is extremely flammable and the intense heat of your dryer could cause this lint to catch fire.  The best way to prevent this fire risk is by taking the time to clean your dryer thoroughly.  Vacuuming out the lint trap, the vents, and the tubing leading to and from your dryer will reduce your chances of having to file a claim for a house fire.

Clear Your Gutters

During the winter months, debris probably accumulated in your home’s gutters.  If you fail to clear out your gutters, then they can become clogged when your home is faced with spring showers.  Clogged gutters can increase your home’s chances of sustaining water damage during a rainstorm.  So, to avoid having to file this insurance claim, just take the time to clear out your gutters this spring.

Repair Your Walkways

Extreme winter weather conditions can wreak havoc on the concreate walkways leading to your home.  If your walkways or driveway is cracked or otherwise damaged, then this can increase the chances of someone tripping and injuring themselves on your property.  To prevent this liability risk, make sure you take the time to repair any damaged walkways around your home his spring.

These are some of the spring cleaning and maintenance tasks that can help you avoid filing homeowners insurance claims.  Are you looking for the best home insurance to fit your needs?  Then contact the professionals at Unisource Insurance Associates in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.  Our dedicated team is ready to get you the coverage you need today.