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Medicare Open Enrollment Starts October 15, Register Now!

By October 14, 2021Health Insurance
Medicare Open Enrollment

Signing up for Medicare is just like signing up for any other type of health insurance coverage. You have a specific period each year to choose your policy or make changes. If you have to make changes, you either have to wait until the next open enrollment period or have a qualifying event that will allow you to have a special enrollment period. Qualifying events are significant because they are life-changing. They include marriage or the death of a spouse.

What Is Open Enrollment for Medicare, 2022?

The open enrollment period for 2022 is October 15, 2021, to December 7, 2021. During this period, you have the option to sign up or change your current Medicare coverage. You will receive a letter in the mail that announces any changes in Medicare coverage. You will be able to alter your coverage, adding or deleting specific types of coverage you no longer need. Open enrollment is the only time of the year in which you can add or delete coverage unless you experience a qualifying event.

Carefully Analyze Your Current Health Coverage Plan

Every year, you have the option to update your coverage. Consider any possible health concerns you have had over the past year. It may be a good idea to have a complete physical to identify any potential conditions on the horizon. The next step is to go over your current coverage. Look to see if there is anything you no longer need. As you get older, your health may start to change. If you notice that your health may be changing, you will want to talk to your insurance agent to update or alter your plan.

Do You Need to Make Changes to Your Health Coverage?

When you talk to your insurance agent, outline any particular changes you may need. Talking to your insurance agent will provide you with the personalized assistance you need to make the appropriate changes. When changes in your health occur, you may need to choose an additional supplemental package. You can look for policies or add-ons that will serve your needs better. Your insurance will walk you through any changes and explain each type of policy or supplemental add-on covers.

Go Through Your Prescription Drug Needs

Many people who are in good health don’t need to take any prescription meds. As you age, however, things begin to change. You become more susceptible to certain illnesses, and you may start to require medications to help you maintain your state of health and well-being. At some point, you may need to add a prescription drug plan if you don’t already have one.

Open enrollment doesn’t have to be confusing. Once you learn what it is and what you need to do during this period, it becomes much easier to make an informed decision. Our experienced insurance professionals at Unisource Insurance Associates can help you develop a Medicare plan that works best for you. Call us today and let us help you find a policy that works best for you!