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New Teen Driver? Parents, Here’s How to Handle It

By January 31, 2019Personal Insurance
New Teen Driver? Parents, Here’s How to Handle It

Keep your teen driver safe on the roads even after they have passed their test.

Your child has finally passed their driving test, and now can drive alone or with friends. It’s a turning point in their life, as well as for the parents. As a parent, you understand how unforgiving the roads can be. You also know that your inexperienced son or daughter may not fully grasp the potential dangers that lie ahead. Take a look at these tips on how to keep your teen driver safe while giving you peace of mind.

  • Encourage communication

Sitting down and talking with your child to reiterate the importance of safe driving may be a big reassurance to you both. Explain how one silly mistake, one second of lapsed judgment, or even going slightly over the speed limit can have a fatal ending for them and/or their passengers. Ask them if they have any concerns about driving on their own and try to advise them on what to do.

  • Reinforce appreciation

Make sure that you communicate to your new teen driver that they are lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn to drive and drive your vehicles when they have passed. You can even ask your child to perform extra household chores in exchange for gas money, making them more aware of resources. This will help your teen to be both responsible and appreciative of the opportunity.

  • Lead by example

There will still be times when your new teen driver will need a lift from you. Take this opportunity to lead by example and drive safely. Eliminate distractions, don’t go on your phone, and be considerate to other drivers to reinforce what good driving practices look like.

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