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Are You Ready for the Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare Open Enrollment is upon us – are you ready?

If you don’t already rely on Medicare for your health care needs, you should know the basics before you sign up for coverage.

Fall Open Enrollment is the time of year when you change or sign up for Medicare coverage. You can do this by enrolling in a new Medicare Health (Advantage or Supplement) & Prescription Drug (Part D) plan. Additionally, you may switch to Original Medicare with or without a stand-alone Part D drug plan.

If you have yet to know the basics (and essentials), check out the six things to know about Open Enrollment.

Fall Open Enrollment will occur from October 15 to December 7.

  • If you enroll in a plan during Open Enrollment, your coverage will start on January 1st, 2018.
  • In most cases, this is the only time you can choose a new Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D plan.
  • If you have Medicare Advantage, you can also switch to Original Medicare.

You’re able to review your current Medicare health and drug coverage.

  • If you’re unsatisfied with your current Medicare coverage, you can make changes to your coverage during Fall Open Enrollment. The changes will take effect January 1st of the following year.
  • Even if you’re happy with your current Medicare coverage, take action and look at other Medicare options in your area that may suit your individual needs in the upcoming year.
  • If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan or a stand-alone Part D plan, you should receive an Annual Notice of Change and/or Evidence of Coverage from your plan.

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