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Safety Tips for a Fun and Healthy Halloween

By October 12, 2022November 2nd, 2022Articles
halloween safety tips

Halloween is a fun and exciting time for everyone involved if you take special precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. Adults and children can explore their creative sides and create unique costumes. Even when it comes to treats, candy isn’t your only option. Choose school supplies, small toys, or handmade craft items to celebrate this unique and exciting holiday.

Find the Right Size Costume

When it comes to costumes, find the right size so your child won’t trip and fall. Better yet, create your costume! Look around your home for objects you can use to create a costume that no one else has.

Choose Bright Colors

Have your child wear bright colors? If their costume has dark areas, put a few pieces of reflective tape on those areas. This will make sure your children are seen, even if they are in a dark area.

Avoid Masks

Avoid masks if at all possible. Makeup is an excellent way to “mask” your face without obstructing your view or making breathing difficult. Test a small amount of makeup first to see if there will be any skin reaction.

Glow On!

Glow sticks and bracelets are a great way to make your child more visible in the dark. Pass a few out as treats for the neighbor kids. Everyone will be glowing by the end of the night!

Dress Up and Go with the Kids

No one is a better chaperone for your kids than you are. Dress up and go with them when they trick-or-treat in your neighborhood. Have a family theme and enjoy quality time with the kids!

Go in Groups

Send your children out in groups. Assign a small child to each of the older ones. The buddy system is a great way to give the kids a little independence when they go up to a door. It’s always good to stay close by in case you are needed.

Choose “Safe” Houses

Set firm guidelines as to what houses your kids can visit. Choose safe houses that are well-lit and have clear walkways. Avoid any home that is dark and doesn’t have a porch light on.

Be Safe on the Streets

If you go with your children, it’s the perfect time to be safe on the streets. Follow the laws and use crosswalks. Look both ways and make it a point to only cross at the intersection. Obey the traffic signals as well.

Check All Your Candy

Teach your children how to go through their candy when you go home. Throw away any opened items that may have been tampered with. Cut them up if you get fresh fruit before giving them to your children.

Watch for Allergens

Always be aware of the ingredients in your children’s candy or what may be in the food you offer as treats. This will prevent any unwanted allergic reactions.

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