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Stay Safe While Shoveling Snow With These Tips

Man Using Snow Blower to Clear SnowSafe Snow Shoveling Tips

With the cold winter weather sticking around, you may look out your window to a snow covered driveway and sidewalk. Keeping your sidewalk and driveway clear of any snow and ice is the best way to avoid any injuries. Keep these snow shoveling tips in mind to ensure that you stay safe this winter.

  • Layer up – before you go outside to start shoveling, make sure to dress appropriately with layered clothing. Also, make sure that you wear a hat, gloves, and thick socks so your extremities do not get cold.
  • Start early – clearing snow early in the day when it is fresh will help to make sure that you do not have to deal with heavy, packed snow.
  • Call your doctor – if you have any health issues, make sure to talk with your doctor before you start shoveling snow. Clearing snow can put a lot of stress on your heart and can be dangerous for anyone who does not exercise regularly or has a medical condition.
  • Warm up – do not head out into the cold first thing when you wake up. Walk around your house and do some light stretches to warm up your muscles. Warm muscles are much less likely to get injured than cold muscles.
  • Pace yourself – even though you want to be done shoveling snow as fast as possible, make sure to take your time and pace yourself. Take as many breaks as necessary and drink plenty of water.
  • Pick the right shovel – use a plastic shovel that is relatively small. Plastic shovels are much lighter than metal ones, making it easier to move snow. The smaller your shovel, the less snow you can move, decreasing your chance of getting injured.

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