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Staying Safe During a Power Outage

Power Outage Preparation

Turning on lights throughout your house is a luxury that most people do not think about until they are not able to do so. A power outage can be both scary and stressful for the whole family. Knowing how to prepare and deal with a power outage can help to ensure that you stay safe when the lights go out.

  • Prepare an emergency kit – you should have an emergency kit on hand in case any type of disaster hits, including a power outage. Your kit should include non-perishable food, water, flashlights and batteries, and copies of necessary emergency contact information. Make sure to go through your emergency kit at least once a year to ensure everything in it works properly.
  • Water safety – extended power outages can cause water purification systems to not work properly. Use bottled water to drink and cook with after a power outage, or boil all water before using it to ensure that it is safe.
  • Food safety – when the power goes out, your refrigerator will no longer stay cold. Do not open the fridge unless you have to. Keeping your freezer full of food can help to keep it cooler much longer. When eating anything out of your fridge or freezer after a power outage, make sure to check the temperature and throw away anything that has an internal temperature above 40 degrees.
  • Grills and generators – do not try to cook or heat up your house during a power outage with a generator or grill since they release deadly carbon monoxide into the air while running.

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