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Top Tips for Homeowners Safety

Safeguard your home from the inside out.

According to recent national crime statistics, a home burglary takes place every twenty seconds in the United States. While there is no way to completely protect your home in bubble wrap, there are a few safety tips that every homeowner should keep in mind to ward off would-be robbers.

Here’s how to get started.

Physically secure your home

Don’t make it easy for robbers to access your home or property. Front and back doors should be equipped with deadbolt locks, and windows should be closed and locked, even if only popping out for a few minutes. Glass sliding doors should be secured with pin locks and metal bars on the track. Walk around the home’s exterior before you leave to ensure all entry points are closed and locked, and that you didn’t leave any ladders or tools around.

Use automatic lighting

Burglars love the darkness: it’s easy to hide in and it’s easy to move in. Automatic lights and motion sensors are easy to install and ensure that burglars are exposed in the dead of night. Be sure to choose timers that have a random mode to keep robbers guessing.

Get rid of hiding spots

Thick shrubs near the windows and overgrown hedges might give you privacy from neighbors, but they also provide convenient spots for burglars to spy on you and learn the layout of the house. Keep your trees and shrubs trimmed so that there is no room for a person to duck or hide out of sight.

Install top tech

A smart home automation system makes your life more comfortable, but also provides the security you need, deters burglars, and helps you monitor your home remotely. Smart locks, motion detectors, and surveillance cameras can be incorporated into your home’s security.

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