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Tips on How to Handle Getting a Speeding Ticket

By January 24, 2019April 20th, 2023Personal Insurance
Tips on How to Handle Getting a Speeding Ticket

What should I do if I get a speeding ticket? 

Going above and beyond (or even inching over) the speed limit can quickly land you on the receiving end of a traffic ticket. A speeding fine will wreak havoc to your wallet in multiple ways. Not only will you have to pay x amount of dollars for cruising at a sweet 61mph in a 60mph zone, but your auto insurance rate can increase. If you are on the receiving end of getting pulled over by the police for speeding, here’s how to handle it.

When You’re Pulled Over

Make sure you know how to handle the situation of getting pulled over by the policy so that the worst doesn’t happen.

  • Ask which method the officer used to determine that you were speeding. Write this down.
  • Be polite and don’t argue. Stay calm and do not panic.
  • Say as little as possible. Anything you say can be used against you if you go to court.
  • As soon as possible after the incident, write down everything about the incident. Include the time of day, location, and anything that could have affected the situation, such as hidden or missing speed limit signs.

Severity Counts
Fortunately, those going 35mph in a 30mph area will not suffer the same consequences as those driving drunk through a school zone. You can expect to see steeper rate increases for more serious violations, such as:

  • Driving with a broken headlight is considered a low-impact ticket.
  • Driving 10mph over the speed limit can have moderate effects on your rates.
  • A DUI conviction can have severe consequences. Avoid at all costs. We repeat, avoid at all costs!

Luckily, if you’re a safe and conscientious driver, you should remain on the roads ticket-free! To fully help protect your journey on the roads, contact Unisource Insurance Associates in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin to get started on your tailored auto insurance policy.